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Haku provides a preliminary talk to group of classification

Haku provides a preliminary talk to group of classification

The battle was acquired because Haku revert to help you their people form and you can fresh physical appearance but given that he utilized all the stamina away from this new Akuruka in the price of his life, to conserve what you the guy keeps precious.

Truth be told there the guy match having Oshtor and you may Maroro

Following battle, given that Kuon, Rulutieh, Atuy, Nekone, Kiwru, Nosuri, Ougi, Jachdwalt, Shinonon and also the almost every other waited getting Oshtor; simply to discover a passing Haku having a good cut sleeve. Citizens were amazed that Haku utilized Oshtor’s name just like the real General of the Proper is actually long-dead before arriving at Ennakamuy. Nekone however takes into account your because their sibling even with he fulfilled their pledge so you can Oshtor; therefore he asks her to call home and find happiness.

Anju still insist him out-of making the woman side, she nonetheless takes into account him because Oshtor she knows. She recalls a memory space away from her previous mind because a person which they made a vow. When he bankrupt his pledge to the lady, Anju called your a beneficial liar since the she target him for what he it is try, the lady Uncle.

Haku fundamentally foretells Kuon. Kuon says that she wasn’t in a position to display her feeling so you’re able to him; Haku currently knew how she noticed getting him so the guy thanks the woman, he indicates that he realized Kuon could take on their emotions of the advising her that most he’d so much fun previously simply because they met and he only managed to get that it much because she try thre having him. Haku grins in the her when he transforms to ashes.

An alternative Legend Sung [ ]

“This lady I love try demanding me personally. Yeah, I will take it to your. The newest ancient title away from Utawarerumono. Title out of Hakuowlo”. -Haku when he gets the Onkami Uitsualnemetia in advance of to rescue Kuon.

Haku wakes right up within the a place where in fact the flooring is like the water reflecting new a-listers. A voices tells him that he is between the arena of the latest life style and afterlife. Haku understands your because kid he fulfilled in the Inner Forehead. The fresh Onkami asks him in the event that is fine having your to go away men and women he look after trailing since they’re in big trouble, Haku admits he anxieties for them yet , they can do nothing to assist when he was lifeless.

At first Haku considered that they will desired him toward afterlife nonetheless they only stay hushed as their expression tells your to go back to your way of living. Oshtor passes him the brand new Onkami Mask ways to return, initially Haku complains when he involved discover good split after all the excursion he made since that time the guy fulfilled their duty in civil combat and you will beating Woshis.

The latest Onkami warns Haku regarding donating the brand new mask as he often take-all his identity, strength, and you may sins. Haku simply considers it as a challenge when he claims you to the newest Onkami would do a similar in the event the he was in fact in his put. Thus the guy phone calls Hakuowlo real term because the Onkami, Uitsualnemetia, from the contacting their genuine sort of brand new Onkami looks in advance of your. Thereby Haku takes the fresh cover up as he agree to feel the brand new onkami.

Hakuowlo disappears, satisfied with Haku’s answer. Once the Haku states so long to their loved ones, one another Oshtor and you can Maroro grins at the your, declare that this is the Haku they understand. Because the Haku production into way of living, the guy hears Hakuowlo’s voice inquiring him to store his child, Kuon.

Because the Hakuowlo passes his hide in order to Haku very he could be with of them he cares to have, the former goodness says to him to keep their daughter only when he was about to go back to the fresh new living. At the time Dark Uitsualnemetia (now using Kuon because their core due to their entering for the rampage and you can shedding control of the girl energies by sadness away from Haku’s death) is actually going rampage. Ergo summoned styles off Kuon’s Family relations so you’re able to destroy people.

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